Members Only — Chinese Penile Restaurant

members-only.jpgYup, it finally happened: a Chinese restaurant that specializes in serving penises has opened. And when I say they serve penises, I’m not talking about bringing food to that loud-mouthed jerk sitting at the next table. We’re talking about tallywhackers on a plate. Beijing’s Guo-li-zhuang restaurant serves the units of several different types of animals — yak, goat, bull and dog (the only knob with a bone, so the article says). And for a change of pace, you can order testicles, too. I’m not sure if guys named Rod, Dick, Woody or Johnson get a discount or just get uncomfortable.

Anyhow, read the article for a good laugh.

Credit once again goes to Bob Del Grosso for bringing this to my attention, and I felt it was my duty to spread the word about this place.


4 Responses to Members Only — Chinese Penile Restaurant

  1. Dana says:

    Boy, this thing is a year’s worth of Leno monologues.

    I have to just giggle at the thought balloons that could be written above that couple’s head. “Oh, this is the smallest one I’ve ever seen”!

    What if one of the customers had one eye, could fly, and were purple?

    Are the dishes named after people like at Moe’s?

    Wait until a chain restaurant opens: Long Dong Silvers!

    Can I order an onion ring with this?

    Larry Craig…

  2. danamccauley says:

    And I thought that the Toilet Restaurant chain was beyond imagination:

    These concepts are just too weird!

  3. So do you think Penis Cup Pie will be the next food craze?

  4. OK, I have to be the first to post this: Does the menu offer a foot-long?

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