Cup Pies — The Next Big Food Thing

pieweebl.jpgI’m sure they’ve been around for ages, but a coworker of mine recently introduced me to the concept of “Cup Pies.” They’re like cupcakes, but pies instead of cakes. You make some pie crust dough, put it into muffin tins, add your choice of filling, cover with more dough, and bake. Et voila, a self-contained, non-messy, individual pie. It’s a brilliant concept, and having now had a peach and blueberry version, I’m completely hooked. I may abandon the practice of law and open a cup pie bakery.

The idea appears to have come from the show Pushing Daisies and then the gorgeous blog Eggs on Sundays provided a lovely recipe with pictures on an Apple Cup Pie. These things are really quite wonderful.

My colleague says that pies using an uncooked filling don’t work as well, because these things don’t bake very long. Thus, an apple cup pie with crisp granny smiths may require you to pre-cook the apples a bit.

We are in agreement that these would be great for savory pies.

Now that Ashley Christensen has limited her dessert menu to nothing but pies at Poole’s Downtown Diner (that’s a story for another day), I think she needs to start serving a cup pie.

So have any of you made cup pies? I hereby declare today that cup pies are the next big food thing. You’ll see them everywhere by the end of 2008. Let me know when one of you spots one on a dessert menu.


12 Responses to Cup Pies — The Next Big Food Thing

  1. sandyking says:

    Well, these are a good idea. I have not yet seen these in my neck of the woods, but I have made many mini desserts myself. Seems silly now not to have thought of these myself. Thanks
    Sandy King

  2. Brooks says:

    Will there be an equal time post on cake? If not, I will be alerting the FCC, the CIA, and the IRS.

    Let this serve as fair warning, barrister.

  3. Varmint says:

    Chill out, Bayou Boy. Cupcakes have ruled the land for decades, so a little cup pie trend won’t even make a dent into your cake-encrusted fantasy land.

    But I do like cake — and if you look, I have a lot more posts about cake on this site than I do pie.

  4. Fuzzy says:

    Cup pies are new?

    Wow. I guess those little pecan and sweet potato pies I been eatin’ at the country store for the last 45-plus years were um. . whatdayacallum. … ‘dem anno-mallies, that’s it yeah, ‘dem anomaly thingys. . .

    So queer and radical, the local bakery down at that fancy place A Southern Season offers all kinds of cakes and pies that are no bigger than the palm of my hand, a huuuuge selection, and I hear that in france they call ‘dem pie thingys “tarts”. Ain’t that just like a Frenchman, to sully the glorious name of pie with the same name ‘dey call women of “questionable reputation”.

    What will they come up with next, petit fours?

    (Sorry, I just had to laugh this morning at the notion that small cakes and pies are in *any way* new, anywhere, so I put on my hillbilly hat.)

  5. VaNC says:

    I have to agree with Fuzzy on this one. When you described them the first thing that popped in my head were those little pecan (that’s PEE-CAN) pies at the store counter or farmer’s market, or or any tart. What is the difference from that and a “cup pie”…. a crust?

  6. Varmint says:

    The difference is that everyone has muffin tins. So you can make a dozen at a time.

    And these things are deeper than little ol’ tarts or mini-pies.

    They’re by no means revolutionary, but I’m just betting that you will hear about them from lots of different places by the end of the year.

  7. I must jump in now and defend Mrs. PolitiPornster’s Cup Pies. I cannot abide this disparagement of her lovely, tasty and crusty Cup Pies.

    To the nadering nabobs of gastronomic negativism, I offer this insight, if you don’t believe Varmint then make some. Seriously, you don’t have to make a big production over it, just go to your local market buy some pre-made pie crust and a canned filling of your choice and make a batch. After you’ve had one, I invite you to come back on Varmint’s blog and say that Cup Pies are the equivalent of tarts or those nasty little convenience store pecan pies.

    I could extoll the virtue of the Cup Pies’ crust to filling ratio or its inherent versatility, but alas, no amount of argument from me will convince you. So, I’ll put my wife’s Cup Pies where my mouth is. You guys make ’em and if you still think they are no different from your tarts or midget pecan pies, I’ll make you a batch myself or buy your choice of tart or petite pecan pie.

  8. RayRoadie says:

    “Nader-ing nabobs?” What? Are they unsafe at any speed? Methinks presidential politics have befogged your culinary vision. I believed it was “nattering nabobs” that got Agnew’s knickers in such a twist.

  9. RayRoadie – you are correct. My lapse in spelling came directly from an article I wrote about Nader entering the race. Good catch. I shall henceforth not mix my political and culinary metaphors.

  10. Rochelle says:

    I have a mechanical question about cup pies:

    If you’re making a whole muffin tin of them, how do you bake them so the ones in the center are cooked through before the outer borders of the outside cup pies start to scorch? I have enough trouble making regular pies without scorching the outside of the crust.

    Now I’m waiting for somebody to come out with a device that protects the edges of cup pie crusts, similar to those circular pie crust protectors you can buy for the full-sized versions.


  11. Rochelle – when me and Mrs. PolitiPornster have made the Cup Pies we’ve never made entire tin of them. In fact, the crust equivalent of one pie turns out about six Cup Pies. In the muffin tin we try to keep them seperated by an empty muffin hole. As for crust scorching, it hasn’t been a problem. The things cook really quick.

    As Varmint said in the post, you want to make sure your filling is cooked thoroughly before putting it in the crust.

  12. I can only IMAGINE how delicious those cup pies were, Varmint. But please, don’t give up the practice of law for cup pies (unless one has chocolate, in which case all speed ahead!)

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