Members Only — Chinese Penile Restaurant

March 18, 2008

members-only.jpgYup, it finally happened: a Chinese restaurant that specializes in serving penises has opened. And when I say they serve penises, I’m not talking about bringing food to that loud-mouthed jerk sitting at the next table. We’re talking about tallywhackers on a plate. Beijing’s Guo-li-zhuang restaurant serves the units of several different types of animals — yak, goat, bull and dog (the only knob with a bone, so the article says). And for a change of pace, you can order testicles, too. I’m not sure if guys named Rod, Dick, Woody or Johnson get a discount or just get uncomfortable.

Anyhow, read the article for a good laugh.

Credit once again goes to Bob Del Grosso for bringing this to my attention, and I felt it was my duty to spread the word about this place.


Cup Pies — The Next Big Food Thing

March 18, 2008

pieweebl.jpgI’m sure they’ve been around for ages, but a coworker of mine recently introduced me to the concept of “Cup Pies.” They’re like cupcakes, but pies instead of cakes. You make some pie crust dough, put it into muffin tins, add your choice of filling, cover with more dough, and bake. Et voila, a self-contained, non-messy, individual pie. It’s a brilliant concept, and having now had a peach and blueberry version, I’m completely hooked. I may abandon the practice of law and open a cup pie bakery.

The idea appears to have come from the show Pushing Daisies and then the gorgeous blog Eggs on Sundays provided a lovely recipe with pictures on an Apple Cup Pie. These things are really quite wonderful.

My colleague says that pies using an uncooked filling don’t work as well, because these things don’t bake very long. Thus, an apple cup pie with crisp granny smiths may require you to pre-cook the apples a bit.

We are in agreement that these would be great for savory pies.

Now that Ashley Christensen has limited her dessert menu to nothing but pies at Poole’s Downtown Diner (that’s a story for another day), I think she needs to start serving a cup pie.

So have any of you made cup pies? I hereby declare today that cup pies are the next big food thing. You’ll see them everywhere by the end of 2008. Let me know when one of you spots one on a dessert menu.

Well Done Pizza Done Well

March 18, 2008


We all know that you can’t really get a great pizza in the Triangle and Raleigh in particular. You can get a decent one, but nothing like the great New York establishments like Patsy’s or Grimaldi’s, with their ultra-hot coal burning ovens. When I took my family to Grimaldi’s last year, the six of us at five large pies. Were we that gluttonous? Not really. Those pizzas (pizze?) were amazing, with limited amounts of toppings and sauce and a heavenly crust — light, a bit of spring, and charred a bit on the bottom. This is a very light pizza, and we don’t have anything like it around these parts.

Now I could just deal with the reality that I’ll have to eat pretty crummy pizza wherever I go in Raleigh, or I could go the extreme route and cut off the cleaning-cycle lock on my oven to cook my own pies at super-high temperatures like this guy. A friend of mine in Durham did this, and his pizza is clearly the best I’ve had in the Triangle. I need to get invited back! Or I could just change the way I order my pizza at places where they do a decent job. Read the rest of this entry »