Chocolate We Should All Embrace


Sure, it’s a marketing gimmick, but I really love the concept of the Brooklyn Brothers’ Fat Pig Chocolate (and I love the little wiggling tail on the website — give it a moment, it’ll move). Admit it, chocolate is decadent. It’s not really good for you, particularly when we eat it in the manner we want to. So let’s embrace our inner swine that craves the divine when we dine and say, “Three Oinks for Fat Pig Chocolate!”



5 Responses to Chocolate We Should All Embrace

  1. seahawg says:

    Has anyone clicked on and visited the Brooklyn Brothers website? Wierd with a capital WU. My kind of people. Check out their other brands. It takes a brave man to market PMS treatments and “Fat Pig” chocolates on the same site!

  2. I am not eating ANYTHING that says fat pig, but if you take the wrapping off, I would be more than happy to try some. 🙂

  3. shoppingfeet says:

    Afraid after i taste it then i fall in love with it and my nose will grow bigger and bigger…hahaha. The packaging is funny…kee

  4. says:

    they don’t ship fat pig to europe, too bad
    i love’em though

    long live the pigz! 😉

  5. porky pig says:

    I am really offended at the notion that all barnyard pigs are fed exotic chocolates.
    I have been fed only ingredidents inherent in the chocolate but never the whole
    glamorous gorge. Now that I have tried it I think the offense was worth the risk.
    I am now being courted by others here with tidbits and chunks of all sorts of chocolate.
    Thank you for the inception of such an ingredient in my diet– it’s no wonder we are
    called pigs!

    Porky Pig

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