Bullets + Food = Cool Video

I’ve always loved super-slow motion videos, and this one of bullets tearing through various items of food is way cool. Frightening, too, when you see how destructive bullets can be. Ultimately, this is sort of a combination of Letterman dropping items from the top of buildings with Clint Eastwood. Enjoy.


5 Responses to Bullets + Food = Cool Video

  1. VaNC says:

    Wow! The watermelon was the coolest though………………..

  2. seahawg says:

    I’ll second the watermelon! Way cool. Did anyone go on YouTube and look at any of the other high speed film bullet videoes? There is one that is the same as Varmint’s with an extra 15 seconds at the end. It shows one more frame, with a young boys head, and a bullet approaching. You tighten up thinking surely they won’t show him being shot. At the last minute it breaks away to an anti-gun message. Can’t say I agree with the message, but the delivery was spot on, very engaging, and thought provoking.

  3. Fuzzy says:

    High speed imaging was developed by:


    for a variety of real world applications. Professor Edgerton was known for his contributions to studying work and efficiency, e.g., how to assist people in assembly lines to be more efficient and have fewer health problems at the same time.

  4. RayRoadie says:

    I always loved hanging out in “Strobe Alley” when I was in Cambridge. Somewhere I still have a letter I received from Doc Edgerton in response to something or other I had written him. Although I believe that Margaret Bourke White was also responsible for some of those photos, he had no memory of working with her. It was near the end of his life when I was in communication with him, though, so perhaps that accounts for it.

  5. detlef says:

    I liked the water bottle the best.

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