Commercial of the Week — Racial Stereotype Edition

March 28, 2008

We’ve already brought you one politically incorrect video, featuring the Frito Bandito, but this one for Jello may top it. It really amazes me how completely unacceptable some of these old commercials would be today. I’d like to think that we are, as a society, evolving.

Serve Your Own Beer Bar Coming to NC Soon?

March 26, 2008

beer.jpgI just read this article about a bar in Atlanta that has two beer taps at each table and the customers serve themselves. The taps have a meter that monitors how many ounces have been served. When it hits 180 ounces, the waitstaff must come and check on the table to make sure they’re not too drunk. If not, they get another 180 ounces! Apparently, this system reduces labor costs and the restaurant is able to charge for every drop of beer — by the ounce, of course.

What really caught my eye is the paragraph towards the end of the story where the inventor of the system said that he’s obtained approval in North Carolina. Cool! The big question is whether it’ll show up in Raleigh or Charlotte first. Who knows, maybe it’ll be Chapel Hill!

My Favorite Cereal Box Prize Ever

March 26, 2008


I am a child of the 60s and 70s, in in those days, I ate cereal. Lots and lots of cereal. I actually remember eating an entire box of Apple Jacks in one sitting, and the roof of my mouth took a couple of days to heal.

I also loved the concept of Quisp and Quake cereals. If you don’t recall, these were two highly sweetened cereals made by Quaker Oats, and Quisp was some sort of alien and Quake was some sort of muscle man who carried a big sledgehammer (he later became a cowboy for some reason). I ate them both, but I really liked Quisp (Quake was too much like Cap’n Crunch). And I really loved the toys that Quisp offered. Read the rest of this entry »

Poached Eggs Make the World Go Round

March 25, 2008


If there’s one thing that I started to eat a lot more of in the past year, it’s poached eggs. And I hardly ever eat them for breakfast — they’re a mainstay in my dinner repertoire. Tonight I made a simple pasta of garlic, olive oil, sea salt, a touch of truffle oil (yeah, I still use it on occasion), bread crumbs and pepper. I topped it off with two poached eggs and parmesan. The runny egg yolks made a super sauce, and this was a magnificent dish.

I also top a lot of my salads with a poached egg, as once again, the yolk helps pull together a simple vinaigrette.

A dish that I stole from Ashley Christensen is toasted brioche with sauteed wild mushrooms and a poached egg.

With spring asparagus about to appear in farmers market, try a poached egg on top of the spears with some freshly grated pecorino romano.

And when I make huevos rancheros, I actually poach my eggs in the ranchero sauce. It’s fantastic and not that different from the “Eggs in Purgatory” concept, which is eggs poached in spaghetti sauce.

Of course, I haven’t even talked about breakfast dishes. Poached eggs over grits, hash browns, hash or just plain toast. Eggs Benedict. I mean, poached eggs are the alpha and the omega. They’re the best.

It’s so simple to poach an egg. You just need a skillet with an inch or two of simmering water. Add a little salt and a teaspoon or two of vinegar. Crack an egg into a ramekin, and slip the egg into the simmering water. Spoon some water over the top of the egg to cook it all over. Cook for about 3 minutes and remove with a slotted spoon. That’s it.

JK’s Relocating to Lake Boone Trail

March 24, 2008

jkssmall.gifI usually don’t write about steakhouses, because I usually don’t eat at them. I’m making an exception this time around. JK’s Restaurant will be opening at 4025 Lake Boone Trail, which just happens to be next door to my office. They’re moving into a brand new 7300 square foot space in the Market Place on Lake Boone Trail shopping center and will have a huge outdoor patio. They’ll also be serving lunch and will have some sort of butcher shop, too. I never ate at the JK’s in North Hills, but I’m sure I’ll at least have some business lunches here now and then.

Commercial of the Week — Disturbing Icon Edition

March 20, 2008

Straight from the Mickey Rooney Show is this commercial for the Jolly Green Giant. Talk about one of the most frightening characters ever to appear on television, this commercial would scare the bejesus out of me if I were a kid — even more than the canned corn and peas he was trying to push.

And, yes, I think it’s funny that the vertically challenged Rooney has a Giant as a sponsor.

Members Only — Chinese Penile Restaurant

March 18, 2008

members-only.jpgYup, it finally happened: a Chinese restaurant that specializes in serving penises has opened. And when I say they serve penises, I’m not talking about bringing food to that loud-mouthed jerk sitting at the next table. We’re talking about tallywhackers on a plate. Beijing’s Guo-li-zhuang restaurant serves the units of several different types of animals — yak, goat, bull and dog (the only knob with a bone, so the article says). And for a change of pace, you can order testicles, too. I’m not sure if guys named Rod, Dick, Woody or Johnson get a discount or just get uncomfortable.

Anyhow, read the article for a good laugh.

Credit once again goes to Bob Del Grosso for bringing this to my attention, and I felt it was my duty to spread the word about this place.