Raleigh Restaurants Open on Sundays and Mondays

calendar.jpgMrs. Varmint and I were at a political fundraiser last night and although the food was quite tasty, there really wasn’t enough of it. We had a babysitter, so why not go out to dinner? But then we realized that it was Monday — one of the nights, along with Sundays — when the chef might have the night off.

So I realized I should put together a list of places that are open on Sundays and Mondays in Raleigh and the eastern part of Cary. This will be an ongoing process, and I’m looking to y’all to help me with this list, which I’ll update whenever someone lets me know of another place that’s open on Sunday or Monday. I’ll probably even put a static link to this list on a sidebar. The list comes after the break.

Unless noted otherwise, these restaurants are open on Sundays and Mondays.

18 Seaboard

518 West

an (Closed on Sundays)


Bella Monica (Closed on Sundays)




Frazier’s Wine Bar

Glenwood Grill (Closed on Sundays)


J. Betski’s (Closed on Sundays)


Michael Dean’s

Midtown (Closed on Sundays)

The Pit


Red Room


Waraji (Closed on Sundays)

Zely and Ritz (Closed on Sundays)

17 Responses to Raleigh Restaurants Open on Sundays and Mondays

  1. Joe says:

    I guess this is one place where being a larger operation with more funding and staff makes a difference: you’re gonna try to extract the maximum amount of revenue out of your operation by being open as many hours as possible and feeding as many people as practicable.

    Piedmont in Durham gets around this by being closed on Tuesdays. 🙂 I don’t regard myself as particularly Xian, but I have a new respect for places that simply say they’re closed one day a week, whether it’s a weekday or on a weekend. But I guess being closed for Friday or Saturday dinner would simply be suicide.

    I used to have a list of nice restaurants in Durham that had partial closings for weekend or Monday night, dinner, but I can’t find it right now. I’ll look around.

  2. Moose says:

    Fearrington House in Pittsboro and Bonne Soiree in Chapel HIll, where I had a fabulous meal recently, are both open Sunday, closed Monday. You’d want reservations both places, though.

  3. I hate that Waraji is closed on Sundays. I love that place.

  4. Varmint says:

    Thanks, Debbie, but I’m going to limit my list to places closer to Raleigh.

  5. Ian says:

    Thanks Varmint! Seems like we end up going out on Sundays more than weekends these days (better for babysitters); your list will come in handy. While not at the same level of quality as the restaurants on your list, Red Room Tapas Lounge is also open on Sundays and Mondays, and they have some compelling specials on those nights too. I did a brief review on my blog here: http://eat-drink-repeat.blogspot.com/2008/01/red-room-tapas-lounge.html

  6. Varmint says:

    I’ve added Red Room to the list. Thanks!

  7. catena says:

    Is Poole’s really closed Sun-Tues? Slightly off topic, but isn’t that kinda weird?

  8. Varmint says:

    Yup, it’s true, but until that convention center opens up, they’re playing it safe.

  9. catena says:

    Udipi Cafe just recently started opening on Mondays. God bless them.

  10. Powershour says:

    The Raleigh Times?!! Its open 7 days a week. Sundays til 12 pm and every other day til 2 am!!

  11. Tela T says:

    Enoteca Vin is open on Sundays for brunch and dinner as well.

  12. steve says:

    Tokyo House on Six Forks is open seven days a week.


  13. Fritz says:

    Add to the list Cafe Tiramisu – open Sundays.

  14. Hey Varmint-

    Please update your open/closed restaurant list for Frazier’s. We reopened this last week with very similar menu items, new decor, and new hours. Please list us as being open every evening at 5pm and serving our full menu til 1am. We hope the triangle enjoys the latest Frazier’s incarnation.

  15. eva says:

    This is a huge help! Thx

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is a great list. Shaba Shabu on Wake Forest is also open on Sunday nights.

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