Raleigh Restaurants Open on Sundays and Mondays

February 26, 2008

calendar.jpgMrs. Varmint and I were at a political fundraiser last night and although the food was quite tasty, there really wasn’t enough of it. We had a babysitter, so why not go out to dinner? But then we realized that it was Monday — one of the nights, along with Sundays — when the chef might have the night off.

So I realized I should put together a list of places that are open on Sundays and Mondays in Raleigh and the eastern part of Cary. This will be an ongoing process, and I’m looking to y’all to help me with this list, which I’ll update whenever someone lets me know of another place that’s open on Sunday or Monday. I’ll probably even put a static link to this list on a sidebar. The list comes after the break. Read the rest of this entry »