James Beard Award Pre-Candidates

jamesbeard.gifBallots for the 2008 James Beard Awards have been sent to the judges, and there are a number of Triangle chefs and restaurants on this very long list. Just being on the ballot is an honor (OK, the founder of the Chipotle chain is there, so maybe not such an honor), although these have rarely been leaked to the public before.

Here are the locals who received a mention:

Best Chef: Southeast

Scott Howell, Nana’s
Andrea Reusing, Lantern
Chip Smith, Bonne Soiree

Rising Star Chef of the Year
Jeremy Sabo, South

Outstanding Restaurant
Magnolia Grill

Best New Restaurant
Watt’s Grocery


3 Responses to James Beard Award Pre-Candidates

  1. Please note that for some reason they assigned Jeremy to South when he is really the Director of Culinary Operations for The Urban Food Group. He is responsible for fine tuning the menus at each location and managing our Chef de Cuisines.

    We are very proud of Jeremy and wish him the best of luck!


  2. hughvic says:

    All the best to you contestants up there, from Marietta GA, home of the fried anything that ain’t movin. By all means, win. Get really famous. Prosper. Branch out. Come down here. Cut ribbons. Feed us. You can even take our money back to Carolina if you insist. Just give us something good that we can eat with knife and fork.


  3. Ann Prospero says:

    I love your blog and have a link to it at my own blog, Prospero’s Kitchen. Would you be so kind as to put a link to my blog on your site?

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