Love, Food and Compatibility

February 15, 2008

oilvinegar.jpgI saw two different articles on Wednesday talking about how couples deal with incompatibility between their diets. In some instances, the differences are due to medical reasons, such as an inability to eat gluten. Sometimes, it’s a philosophical difference, such as a vegetarian married to a meat eater (the best example was Bill Niman being married to a vegetarian). Finally, there’s differences in taste, such as when one spouse hates spicy food and the other loves it.

There’s no doubt that couples who are incompatible culinarily can still be quite compatible in their personal lives. Exhibit A: Mrs. Varmint and me. I am an unabashed foodie. I will go out of my way to try new restaurants or to get involved in a different type of food experience (hell, I spent a few hours before dawn yesterday kneading dough at an artisanal bakery — story to come!). I love all kinds of food and frankly, arrogantly don’t understand why some people dislike certain things. And, of course, I love to cook, and I think I do it reasonably well. Read the rest of this entry »

Commercial of the Week — Wouldn’t Work Today Edition

February 15, 2008

This is an interesting commercial that promotes two different products in one ad.  Now I know that pushing a breakfast cereal with a juice/beverage isn’t all that unusual, but something tells me that there might not be 5 kids in the country today who would go for this combination.