Birria, I Just Ate at a Place with Birria*

February 13, 2008

birria.jpgWhen I grabbed my newspaper this morning, I was pissed, because once again, the carrier failed to double bag it, and as it slid across my driveway, lots of tears in the bag resulted in the rain turning the N&O into a soggy mess. But still, knowing it was Wednesday, I pulled the wet sections apart, went to the Life section, and started reading. As y’all know, I now look forward to Wednesday’s food section. After reading a wonderful article about a traditional French method of cooking mussels, I went to Greg Cox’s section on new restaurant openings. Greg gets all the best tips, and he certainly had one for me today.

Muy Pronto Fonda y Birrieria Jalisco opened just last Friday in the Paddington Square complex off of Wake Forest Road near the Sam’s Club. They’re so new that they apologized for not having their English menu ready. Frankly, I didn’t know what a birrieria was, but I do now — they serve birria, silly. Oh, what’s birria? It’s heaven on a rainy day, that’s what. It’s an aromatic stew made with chunks of goat (yes, tender, flavorful cabrito), with a rich broth of dried peppers and tomatoes. Read the rest of this entry »