The Science of Double Dipping

guac.jpgFood scientist Harold McGee has a great piece in today’s New York Times (free registration may be required) about the microbiological effects of double dipping your chips. If you’re a Seinfeld fan, you remember the episode where George Costanza is caught dipping the same chip twice in the dip. Mayhem ensued, of course, after George continued the practice.

The study — “the only one I’ve ever seen to proclaim that it was inspired by an episode of ‘Seinfeld,'” McGee states — was conducted by a Clemson University food microbiologist. The results? Well, lots of bacteria do get transferred by the duplicate dipper, but no conclusions were reached on whether this was a serious threat to the public health. Just in case, I may have to have my own personal bowl of guacamole this Super Bowl Sunday. A big bowl, at that!


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