Anti-Feminism and Food

Speaking of food videos that’ll make you laugh and make you cringe, check out this one that I discovered on Bob Del Grosso’s site. If only Mrs. Varmint had seen this, I might never have had to cook a day in my life!

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7 Responses to Anti-Feminism and Food

  1. Maura says:

    I’m definitely making chocolate cake for dinner tomorrow.

  2. VaNC says:

    These old books and films crack me up. I collect funky old anachronistic books that I find at yard sales. I have a great cook book titled “Southern Cooking for Everyday Living” where they rave about the woman who wrote it saying that she wrote this book, but still had time to make curtains for her house! I kid you not, many of the recipes are merely “defrost package of frozen green beans, add sugar and bacon grease, cook till mushy” I kid you not in a hard bound cookbook. Sadly, that is pretty much the recipe that my Mom used for all our vegetables growing up.

    Of course, my favorite find is a 1921 book entitled “Radiant Motherhood”. Remind me to show it to Ms. Varmint sometime. She would love it.

  3. FuzzyT says:

    Radiant Motherhood:

    And a lovely trove of early American classics here:

    Delightful quotes from these selections such as: “the more knowledge a woman possesses of the great principles of morals, philosophy and human happiness the more importance she will attach to her station, and to the name of ‘good housekeeper’.”

  4. Mrs. Varmint may not be Mrs. Varmint if you did!

  5. Cheryl says:

    “If only Mrs. Varmint had seen this, I might never have had to cook a day in my life!”

    Hmmm…guess the future Mrs. V didn’t get cooking lessons from Doris? Love that “merry-go-round music” at the beginning of the video…really sets the tone. Thanks for the laff…

  6. durhamfood says:

    “At some point in your cooking career you will have to make SCALLOPED CAULIFLOWER!”


    Love it!

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