A Chef’s Blog

bill_photo.jpgBill Smith, the chef at Crook’s Corner, is a very good friend and one of the more interesting people you’ll ever meet. He rides his bicycle to work everyday. He travels to Quebec every year to celebrate his birthday. He has gotten so close to his Mexican kitchen staff that he now takes at least one trip to Mexico each year. He keeps a notebook of just about everything he’s ever done. He co-founded the Cat’s Cradle (and still loves to go hear live music). He’s really a great cook and wrote one of the best cookbooks in the past year, Seasoned in the South. Bill and I traveled the Mississippi Delta back in October, looking for great hot tamales. He was a great travel companion, full of fantastic stories. Recently, he’s started something new: he’s a blogger! His blog, A Year in the Kitchen, gives a great perspective of his world — not just the ins and outs of running a restaurant, but the world around him — his staff, his family and his friends.

So check out Bill’s blog. And don’t be afraid to comment there, either.


One Response to A Chef’s Blog

  1. Not Brooks. Really. says:

    Man, he looks great in a clean shirt. He should try that more often! The chicks would, flat out, dig it!

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