Has Chowhound Banned VarmintBites, Too???

Tee hee, I think I might have been indirectly banned from Chowhound, too! I subscribe to the Chowhound South feed, and in the discussion about Poole’s, someone posted this:

While I haven’t been there yet, I do know people who work there & I also knwo it is not supposed to be really a diner, but more like a french bistro & not necesarily country cooking. We may not live in SF, but considering all the people moving here with money to buy the lame condos down town, that is why stuff is expensive. Here’s a decent review with pictures

And then there was a link to my experience of the opening night of Poole’s.

I saw that post on Chowhound earlier today, but it’s completely missing now. Maybe they don’t like me because I’ve asked them why they continue to ban any discussions of Jujube. Or could this be the reason: “Posts which link directly to blog entries without adding any useful information to the site will be removed – copy or encapsulate your blog posts on Chowhound so readers can read and respond within our community.” Granted, that “policy” is addressed to the creators of the blogs themselves, not third parties providing links to others’ blogs.

Regardless, I’m honored. And I love to stir the pot, too! 😉


11 Responses to Has Chowhound Banned VarmintBites, Too???

  1. durhamfood says:

    they are so ridiculous…

  2. blewgo says:

    I saw that post before I left home this morning. The post was gone when I got home, so I asked the question “Are only negative posts about places in RDU acepted now?” It got deleted.

  3. meatn3 says:

    This thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/468805 had a reference to Jujube that stayed on for a day or longer, so I had hoped this silliness had blown over. Last week on “site talk” there was a posting regarding censorship of a “not about food” thread. I wrote a very diplomatic, brief post noting that: “yes the rules are hard to figure. Unfortunately this sort of censoring has caused problems with in the Triangle community and consequently many of our oldest/most knowledgeable posters have cut back participation, making the local board much less interesting and useful” Entire thread lasted maybe 20 min. max. Best I could tell my post was the last & it was gone within 6 min. This was about 4:30 on a Thursday I think. I remain very disappointed in their unwillingness to address this in a helpful, adult fashion.

  4. Marie says:

    …or maybe it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with “I do know people who work there “, which is a Chowhound no-no…

  5. Varmint says:

    Oh, I know perfectly well that it could be for a lot of reasons, many of which might be completely legitimate. But as I stated above, it’s fun to stir the pot when you’re dealing with an organization like Chowhound!

    And if I end up eating at a restaurant more than once a year, I usually get to know the people who work there. I like to know how they operate, who they are.

  6. quazi says:

    I must agree. For the normal person If you find a resty you like the owner will usually warm up to you and vice versa. It’s human nature. I have gotten most of my friends who own restaurants by being a lover of good food.

  7. Congratulations and welcome to the ‘Burned/Banned ‘Hound Club,” Varmint! As I’ve explained before, thanks to their draconian policies on post removal, I no longer participate, either. It is a shame — I see threads all the time on the Southern board that I could add information to, but the way I look at it, if someone really is eating and cooking in this area, they know how to find me.

  8. detlef says:

    It’s really quite a shame. The south board is a shell of it’s former self (well, at least in terms of the triangle). Was a day when practically 1/3 of the posts were about triangle restaurants. It was exciting to see how we had practically made the board “ours”. Now, not only have the number of posts dropped off dramatically, but they’re often not very interesting.

    The baby with the bathwater phenomenon is truly odd. Besides pissing people off by deleting their posts and offering canned reasons why, they “over prune” to the extent that the board becomes less useful. How often has a story that affects practically nobody outside the South been moved to a “more appropriate board” only to languish because practically nobody cares about “Food and Media” without also caring about the “Food and Media” in regards to their own region. Why would somebody in Denver give a crap about Greg Cox’s top 10 and why would I give a crap about the top 10 in some other city. Unless I was headed there and then, of course, I’d go to the freaking regional board for that area, not wade through the “Food and Media” board looking for a post dissecting the local food writers top 10 list for the town I’m headed to. I mean, agree or not with the local critics, their rankings do inspire an interesting discussion about everyone’s own list and make for great reading.

    I was on the Spain board looking into an upcoming trip and stumbled onto a thread about El Bulli. In case you don’t know, the place is quite remote. In the midst of a very long thread about the food, somebody asked the OP where they stayed when they went there. The moderators were on that like white on rice. “Please discuss hotels on a website devoted to hotels. This is about food.” Jesus. Heaven forbid your site should be a useful resource for somebody. Were they afraid that the topic would spin out of control? Somebody who had chosen Chowhound as a source of info had the opportunity to find out from somebody who’d just eaten at a place where they were headed if there was a handy hotel nearby. One stop shopping. Instead, they get a slap on the wrist.

  9. Randi says:

    Sounds a lot like what Eg does to its members!!

  10. Varmint says:

    eGullet is a lot different than Chowhound. eG has a ton of rules, and they are generally applied objectively. Having been a forum host on eG for a number of years, I haven’t seen a banning that wasn’t warranted. Typically, a member posts something that gets deleted for violation of the forum rules. The member then cries, “Censorship!” Then the member continuously tries to re-post, or posts about his/her deleted message. Or the member just gets to be antagonistic to the entire organization, becoming a not-so-subtle troll. The member gets suspended, and when nothing changes, he/she gets banned.

    Now the moderation of eG is not perfect, but at least it makes sense, and there are actual rules. If you don’t have rules, then it all falls apart. Of course, whether or not you have too many rules is another matter altogether, but I don’t have any desire to enter into that discussion.

  11. mclaugh says:

    WOW! Way late to the party, but am I glad I found this. I started reading Chowhound a year ago May (2007), and have been wondering why the South board went pretty much dead since the start of the year.

    Won’t be wasting my time THERE any more.

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