Dining With Myself

December 6, 2007

chopsticks.jpgA friend of mine just got back from Chicago, and when I asked her where she ate, she said that she ordered room service and just stayed in the hotel. The reason was that she didn’t like to eat by herself.

I’m like many people in that I can feel uncomfortable when I eat at a restaurant by myself — particularly when I do it in my home of Raleigh. When I’m on the road, however, I’ve long gotten over the insecurities of solo dining. I explore new places. I take the time to get to know a restaurant, chatting with the waitstaff or bartenders.

Here in Raleigh, however, I’m much less likely to go out by myself. Part of that is that I usually can find someone to go with me, whether it’s a family member, a co-worker, or a friend. Another part is that I’m insecure enough that I don’t really want to be “caught” eating alone by someone I know. It does sort of look pathetic, but again, that’s my own insecurities shining through. If I don’t have a lunch date, I usually go home, as I have the luxury of living 4 minutes from my office. Read the rest of this entry »


Ham for Chanukah???

December 6, 2007

Photo by NancyKay Shapiro

I’m sure this is already all over the internet, and I know it has nothing to do with the local scene, but it totally cracked me up. Balducci’s, the New York based gourmet food store, recently advertised several hams as being “Delicious for Chanukah.” The “oversight” has since been corrected with the signs now saying, “Perfect for the Holidays,” but I thought y’all might get a kick out of this, too.

As first reported on novelist NancyKay Shapiro’s blog.

And you can also now buy Ham for Chanukah greeting cards!