Piemaker Phoebe Lawless Featured in N&O

phoebe.jpgDurham’s Phoebe Lawless, owner of Scratch Baking, was featured in a News & Observer multimedia presentation today that accompanied the print story about pies. Follow Phoebe to learn how to make pie crust! Phoebe, who used to be Karen Barker’s right hand at Magnolia Grill, is not only one of the best bakers anywhere, but she’s a dear friend. And I like to support my friends! If you want to get a holiday pie or cake from Phoebe, here’s the deal: contact her by early December, and she’ll take care of you (you may have to work out the logistics of delivery). Her price list is after the break, and frankly, these pies and cakes are worth it. Go, Phoebe, go!

Pies and Tarts
Serves 8-10

*Apple Cranberry Crisp $16
toasted oat streusel tops sweet tart fruit
*Fresh Tangerine Tart $18
juicy tangerine slices atop a rich citrus custard
*Butterscotch Angel Pie $16
a forgotten Southern favorite! creamy butterscotch pudding filling with a baked walnut meringue crust
*Brown Butter Pecan $18
if a holiday favorite can be improved…
*Sour Cream Sweet Potato $16
a better alternative to pumpkin
*Cranberry Walnut Tart $18
juicy tart fruit and toasted nuts encased in a cream cheese pastry
*Mexican Chocolate Cream $16
rich canela and chile spiked chocolate custard with a bittersweet chocolate cookie crust

Serves 12-16

*Caramel Cake $40
buttery yellow cake layers with an old fashioned caramel icing
*Coconut Cake with Divinity Icing $45
classic yellow cake with a whipped meringue icing and freshly grated coconut
*Chocolate Caramel Torte with Fleur de Sel $40
dense rich chocolate cake with a caramel swirl and sprinkled with sea salt
*Classic Devil’s Food Cake with Bananas and Cream Cheese Icing $40
sliced bananas in between dark chocolate cake layers

Tea Cakes
*Guiness Stout Gingerbread Cake $15
perfect for breakfast toasted and slathered with butter
*Old Fashioned Pear Cake $15
delicate lightly spiced cake with wedges of Seckle pears
*Orange Marmalade Pound Cake $15
another breakfast treat great with coffee

Christmas Cookies
3 dozen $18
A selection of holiday favorites including:
*chocolate peppermint crinkle cookies
*new england molasses gingerbread
*maple walnut sandwich cookies

Phoebe’s website and contact information


4 Responses to Piemaker Phoebe Lawless Featured in N&O

  1. popthecap says:

    For Thanksgiving, we had Phoebe’s Apple-Cranberry Crisp and Mexican Chocolate Cream (with a touch of chile).

    Oh man were they good.

    Viva la pie revolution!

  2. tarheeltownguide says:

    Just discovered this blog, and I love your insight and passion! Great local insight and a fun read. I’ll look to order from Phoebe this Christmas Eve.


  3. Joe says:

    OK, now that I’ve seen a few pictures of Ms. Lawless, I think she should *definitely* go on the hot chefs list. I had someone else in mind too, but their name escapes me at the moment. Maybe when I remember it I can go comment on the right post. 🙂

  4. RayRoadie says:

    Rugelach under the heading of X-mas cookies? Getting a little cross-cultural here, it seems.

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