Drink of Choice?

I had a bad day at work. Maybe the worst ever (no, I’m nowhere close to being fired — nothing at all like that!). Anyhow, I got home and wanted a drink, but I realized I never developed a “go to” drink to chase the blues away. I’m really not much of a liquor drinker, even though I enjoy gin, bourbon and tequila. Because I’m a food guy, I usually drink wine. But tonight, I wanted something stronger.

So, what do you drink when you’re down in the dumps, and why?


21 Responses to Drink of Choice?

  1. Nibbs says:

    Depends, I guess. If I want to cheer myself up, probably a nice margarita. And by nice I mean strong. 3s tequila, 2s contreau, 2 s lime juice. Some sugar. Or something like that.

    But when all is said and done, that’s just my recent fad. When I want to wallow in it, or just get lit up, the go-to for me is Seagrams 7 on the rocks. As was said of Duff beer – ‘It’s cheap and it gets you drunk’. Ever since the guy at a hotel bar in St Louis called it rotgut, I’ve taken pride in taking my medicine straight. Not much of a whisky snob.

  2. detlefchef says:

    I would vote for a manhattan. They drink real easy like. bourbon, sweet vermouth, and a cherry.

    Funny story:

    A few years ago back in CA, a friend got his uncle’s ski cabin for the weekend and a bunch of us were going to meet up there. We were all told to bring booze to make the cocktail of our choice. 5 couples, 5 bottles of Jim Beam, 5 bottles of sweet vermouth, 5 jars of cherries. Of course we ran out of Beam long before the rest.

  3. Varmint says:

    My parents always told me that I liked the taste of a Manhattan when I was just a few weeks old. That led me to think, “What parent would let a new-born drink liquor???” Boy, I must have been difficult.

    I need to rediscover the Manhattan.

    I ended up sharing a nice bottle of Australian Syrah with my wife. It did the trick.

  4. detlef says:

    Well, Aussie Shz is about as close to liquor as you’re gonna find in the wine world…

  5. Maura says:

    Beer is always my drink of choice. I love a good martini – a real gin martini – and I like wine quite a bit. But when I want a drink, whether it’s to calm me down after a lousy day or because I’m socializing, I always go for a beer. Over the last few years, my friends have all become wine drinkers. I, on the other hand, seem to have lost my confidence in my ability to pick out a decent bottle of wine.

    I do love that old style cocktails like the Manhattan and the Sidecar are becoming popular again. With all the crappy mixed drinks that have popped up over the last 20 years or so – drinks that don’t taste like alcohol but will mess you up good – it’s nice to know some people still appreciate the taste of real liquor.

  6. Varmint says:

    Beer was not an option last night. I have an old 1952 Westinghouse refrigerator that I keep in my pantry as a “beer fridge.” The handle broke off on Sunday, and we can’t open the damn thing!

    I also agree that if you’re in a festive mood, you want those fruity, easy as juice sort of drinks. But when you’re down, you need some of that pain — a sort of self-flagellation of imbibement. Hell, I have a Mason jar filled with a clear liquor with “corn” written on the top. It is the second best homemade hooch I’ve ever had. This would have done the trick, but I wasn’t THAT down.

  7. catena says:

    You’re a food guy so you typically drink wine? What does that even mean?

  8. Varmint says:

    Good point.

    Hmm, what I probably should have said is that I usually don’t drink anything unless it’s accompanying food, and when I’m eating, I generally drink wine. Sometimes beer, but it’s rare that it’s a liquor-based drink.

    Thanks for catching my sloppiness.

  9. chris peterson says:

    I recommend 2/3 of a “fifth” of Mezcal tequila, go ahead and eat the worm too. Things will be different then.

  10. Varmint says:

    Good advice indeed. I don’t think I needed that kind of pain today, though!

  11. Connie says:

    JACK DANIELS – good heavens to betsy – what else is there when in need!

  12. Varmint says:

    I can drink to that!

  13. VaNC says:

    My go to drink is bourbon and ginger. Making sure that the ginger ale is not the “too sweet” variety. At home, we drink Henry McKenna bourbon. It is a reliable, good quality, not too expensive bourbon. They also make a high end one, but why use expensive bourbon when your are mixing it? I am a constant disappointment to my brothers, who say it is a sin to mix bourbon with anything but “branch water”, but I just can’t do it.

    At restaurants, I always order “Jack and ginger” , as it is easier to say, bartenders misunderstand me less, and every bar stocks Jack Daniels, so I get a drink faster. And I HATE HATE HATE soda guns at bars. They give you ultra sweet ginger ale, or diluted ginger ale. Or, often, no ginger ale…just soda water. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to send a drink back cause the ginger ale was empty and they served me bourbon and soda water. I remember one time at Bloomsbury I had a HUGE argument with our waitress cause I kept trying to tell her that it was not ginger ale. The first “new” drink she brought me was the same as the first. The second was the same in a larger glass with her saying, very smugly “Ma’am, we make our drinks strong here, maybe you are just not used to it, so the bartender has put more ginger ale (soda water) in your drink.” I finally explained to her, for the third time, that the bartender REALLY needed to check his soda gun. She came back with a FOURTH drink saying…”Oh, you were right, the ginger ale was empty.” No apology, no comp, nothing. Really made for a bad start to an otherwise good dinner.

    Another thing I have noticed and always wondered about, is the fact that, when I order jack and ginger in a bar in the South, I get a good strong drink in an old fashioned glass. When I order it in the north, such as New York, I always get a weak, full of ice, drink in an ice tea glass. Yuk! I ask the snobby bartender at Pegu Club why that was and he told me, in no uncertain terms, that that was the way it was “supposed to be served”. Not where I am from, buddy.

    Well, I have just found out that I have got to cook Tday dinner for my family (we were going elsewhere, but can’t get all three kids well enough to go) so, I need to get off this internet and get to work! After I get back from Whole Foods, without nary a menu plan or turkey ordered, I will REALLY need a boubon and ginger!

  14. FuzzyT says:

    Blenheim regular ginger ale and Henry McKenna is a great everyday drink.

    When you’re out of the good ginger ale, Canada Dry is probably the best of widely available brands.

    They’ll make you a Blenheim & Maker’s at Moonlight Pizza.

  15. VaNC says:

    I tried a Blenheim one time and it was so spicy it burnt my mouth…have never tried it again. Is their regular G.A. so spicy?

    I think it is Seagrams that I find too sweet. I agree about Canada Dry.

    So, do you really think the Maker’s makes a difference when you are mixing? I am not sure I could tell that much difference.

    BTW, Whole Foods was not so bad. Crowded, yes, but tons of turkeys (I was able to get a breast) and I was able to get through the check out in a couple minutes. I must admit that I am one of those people who loves a frantic holiday crowd, as long as I am not frantic too! So, I guess I don’t need a drink. But with this weather, I think I need some form of summer drink!

  16. quazi says:

    The regular Blenheim is not as spicy though still spicier than canada dry or schweppes. After drinking the extra hot regularly for the last 9 months(about once a week) the extra hot is now my fav.

    As for a good drink when I need a stiff one I usually try a plymouth on the rocks, rum and blenheim, or cognac with a twist of lemon

  17. Anton Zuiker says:

    Rumrunner with homemade grenadine (recipe from the Great Exotic Fruit Book), fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice and crushed ice, shaken and strained.

  18. SeaHawg says:

    If you like bourbon and ginger, give a Presbyterian a try. Instead of just ginger ale as the mixer, try half ginger ale and half club soda. Same great taste, but not as sweet as a bourbon and ginger. Only bad side is, you will have to explain it to 95% of bartenders, and heaven help you if you have to explain it to the waitress, who then explains it to the bartender.

  19. MB says:

    Bourbon on the rocks because some days the legal field just sucks ass.

  20. DCfoodAmateur says:

    As a former bartender, I can think of several drinks to chase the blues away. For home, rule #1 is keep a good vodka handy. Vodka goes with anything. One favorite vodka based drink is an IcePick. Pour 2 hefty shots of your favorite vodka into a tall boy glass and add either sweet or unsweet iced-tea, garnish with a lemon. You will not taste the alcohol at all. It is a mystery how this works but it is true. Soon your attitude will be adjusted to a more pleasing nature. Enjoy!

  21. FuzzyT says:

    I find the regular Blenheim GA to be just about right. The hot is delicious, but the bite in that can overpower the smoothness of the bourbon. The regular seems to have the right balance.

    I tend to mix my cocktails on the strong side, and often with little or no ice, having both mixers and booze refrigerated. At these concentrations, you can definitely taste the brand of bourbon you’re using. In practice I just use what I have at the moment, which is often McKenna.

    The Maker’s and Blenheim recommendation was mainly to give credit to Moonlight for having the good taste to keep good GA behind the bar. Calling out your favorite mixable bourbon is useful anywhere for keeping the rail brands at bay.

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