A Fair to Remember: Scenes From the NC State Fair


Some people reluctantly go to the State Fair, and I have been in that category for years.  This year, however, I gladly succumbed to the Fair in all its decadent glory.  My wife and I arrived at the gates at 9:00 AM with our 4 kids, one of their friends, and another adult.  With 180 ride tickets and 200 bucks, we were ready for a big day of eating, riding, and quick trips to the bathroom. 

We sampled lots of food, some of the traditional sort and some of the fried confections.  All was pretty good, some was great, and none would I want to eat again before next  year!  These photos are just a small representation of the Fair.  I didn’t include shots of animals or rides or the carnies (and one observation: I noticed that all the carnies who guess your age/weight/birth month have the exact same voice, regardless of gender — it seems that cheap vodka and cigarettes will affect everyone’s voice the same way it did with Tom Waits).

Click below for lots of Fair pictures.


The breakfast spot


Country ham biscuit


Sausage biscuit


Right after breakfast, this was floating above, which made us want . . .


Freshly baked cinnamon buns, of course


Followed by a pickle chaser



Without a doubt the most amazing candy apples I have ever seen


Cheese curd man





Time for lunch




Some people say Al’s Fries are the best.  I thought they were soggy and not worth the wait.


My son and his buddy disagreed with my assessment



Sweet potato fries and fish sandwich


Old timey soda dispensers.


Time for some fried food


Deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough


Not too bad.  The dough partially cooks.



Deep fried Moon Pie.


The end of a long day on the Midway.


7 Responses to A Fair to Remember: Scenes From the NC State Fair

  1. VaNC says:

    I can’t believe you didn’t have the mini-donuts. Fresh off the mini-conveyor belt. Dropped into hot oil, topped with sugar……….hot, tender and melt in your mouth. One of my favorites every year.

    Better than that too too too much “fried whatever”.

    And I must say, what is getting to be another one of my favorite stops at the fair is the NC STate milk that they sell at the milking area in the State Fair ark. After the kids finish milking the cows, they get a carton of white or chocolate milk or you can buy one for a buck. It is better than the average milk, but also, somehow, amidst all the sugar and fried stuff, this little carton of cold, pure goodness always makes me very happy.

    Now, if I could just time it to have that yummy milk with those hot donuts……………….

  2. Varmint says:

    It was so crowded this year, and we had a fairly large group, so we just let the kids make all the decisions. I must admit that I didn’t gastronomically reconnoiter the place as well as I should, but in the end, this was the most fun I ever had at the fair. We missed a ton of attractions, but there’s always next time . . . .

  3. JaneSays says:

    Great pictures! The last picture of the midway is great as it sums up my vision of the fair; huge crowds, balloons floating throughout the air, vendors aplenty and legs and arms flailing from mile high rides! I think I’ll pass on the fried cookie dough but I’m sure I’ll have at least ONE chicken on a stick. I bought a bottle of Mylanta yesterday so I’m ready…

  4. VaNC says:

    By the way, i am with on the Al’s fries this year. I am not sure mine where even cooked…and they were wet with grease. Not that it stopped us from eating them.

  5. phoebe says:

    i’m going for my second visit this year on Sunday (I usually go twice: once to eat and once to see the exhibits) and I’m glad you had a photo of cheese curd man…I’ve got to check him out! My favorite foods are the frozen apple cider, grilled corn, and millennium chips…the kettle corn is good too…we hit the church places for breakfast too!

  6. Edward says:

    I’ve been going to the fair for 44 years that I can remember, sometimes 5-10 days of the fair that year. The next time you and yours want to go to the fair, email me, and I’ll be happy to show you around to the best: hot dog, mini-donuts, root beer, fries, funnel cake, sausage dogs, country ham, and any other “where’s the best…” that you want there.

    Alas this year, two of the older places are gone. Lancasters is not there, and I couldn’t find the Ice cream stand with the train circling around the top, much to my dismay.

  7. billy grissom says:

    i saw the stand with the train in the area between the expo and the graham building

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