The State Fair is Here; Zantac Sales Skyrocket


The 2007 North Carolina State Fair begins tomorrow, and am I ever ready. In previous years, I’ve always done things conservatively at the Fair: I only sample a couple of food items, I watch my kids on the rides, I make everyone see the animals, and I never play the carnie games. Heh, heh, a new Fair-goer is in town, and I’m ready to spend some major cash money. I’ve already purchased ten vouchers for 18-ticket ride books. That’s enough to go 30 times on one of those upside-down-vomit-inducing-spin-til-your-head-bursts rides that attract all the high schoolers. OK, maybe I’ll leave that to the kids, but dammit, I am going to eat. We’ll be ready, arriving before the 9:00 opening, looking for that first country ham biscuit. There will be food on a stick, just like Andrea Weigl of the N&O reported yesterday (boy, I wish we had the Scotch Egg on a Stick here — sounds like a perfect breakfast). But I’m going to check out some of the food competitions to see what kinds of cakes and preserves and quick breads are out there. And if we’re really lucky, they’ll be carving something grandiose out of butter, which we’ll look at right after milking a cow.

For some good pictures of Fairs gone by, check out my friend Holly Moore’s website, The photo above is his.


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