The Prodigal Ruhlman Returns

Michael Ruhlman, the celebrated and near-ubiquitous foodwriter for the stars (hah!), will be returning to Durham for a few days beginning this Sunday. The Duke (and note I did not fall back on the overused “DOOK”) grad will be conducting a reading at the Regulator Bookshop on Sunday and hosting a true kafee klatch at 3CUPS in Chapel Hill on Tuesday morning. The highlight of Ruhlman’s return to the South will be a 5-course dinner Monday night at Piedmont Restaurant. This dinner is co-sponsored by BlogTogether, a North Carolina-based community of bloggers. I’ll be going and if I retain any memory of the event, I’ll be sure to report back. I understand there may be a couple of tickets still available, so go here to get more information on this great dinner. Who knows, Ruhlman may even let you kiss his ring.


One Response to The Prodigal Ruhlman Returns

  1. I luv books says:

    It could be the feel, the smell, the images you get in your mind. Reading a great best seller is like spending time with fascinating new friend. The time flashes by, but the memories last forever!

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